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The Kids Pack (Prepack)

The Kids Pack (Prepack)

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The Kids Pack! 4 delicious pastas (Veggie, Regular, and Cheese x2) + 4 yummy sauces (Marinara x2, Pesto, and Bolognese)... Mmm!! Each pasta pack can serve 2-4 kiddos.

Kids Pack

  • Pastas: Veggie, Regular, and 2 Cheeses
  • Sauces: 2 Marinaras, Pesto, and Bolognese

What's In the Box

4 ravioli flats and 4 sauces. Perfect for mixing and matching.

Cooking Instructions

No need to thaw to cook! In a large pot, bring two quarts of water to a rolling boil. Break the frozen ravioli and add to the boiling water. The ravioli will settle to the bottom; stir gently to avoid sticking. When they begin to float they are done! 

With a slotted spoon or strainer, transfer the ravioli to a previously warmed Canevari's sauce. To serve, top with your favorite grated cheese. Enjoy! 

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