With deep roots in Sonoma County since 1929 our Cafe, Deli & Catering featuring Homemade Ravioli has been influenced by Old World Italian tradition. Kim & Lou invite you to come in and experience our New Look, Friendly Service and Great Food.

Atillio Canevari and Pietro Traverso were friends in Italy and came together to the U.S. when WW1 started. They arrived in S.F and opened a Italian market/deli. They soon moved to Santa Rosa and split up. Pietro continued in the market/grocery business and Atillio started a ravioli factory in Downtown Santa Rosa. In 1929 Atillio purchased the land that Canevari’s is currently on. 695 Lewis rd. He built a ravioli factory and 2 small houses which they lived in.

He quickly grew the ravioli business and was selling Canevari’s Ravioli in just about every supermarket from S.F. to the Oregon border. Mary’s Pizza Shack another local Sonoma County restaurant also featured Canevari’s Raviolis for her restaurants.

Around 1970 they added a deli to the ravioli factory and became one of the largest caterers in Sonoma County.

Atillio passed away in 1982 and his son Edwin took over and ran it until 2011. Ed was getting older and wanted to sell it to a viable person who would bring the old charm back. He was having a difficult time finding someone and his energy and passion was quickly dissolving. Ed was just about ready to finally close the doors for good when…

In 2011 Lou Chambrone took it over and revived the business and added more Home-style Italian items. Canevari’s is now back and is one of the oldest Italian delicatessens in the north bay. Lou has not changed their original ravioli recipes and now features additional family Italian recipes which you can enjoy.