Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this is my favorite place ever and everything they have here is the best. THAT RAVY IS BOMB!!!!!'
— Billy C.
What impeccable customer service!

We showed up as they were closing (a pet peeve of mine) but with no hesitation we were greeted like family and like we weren't interrupting their closing procedures.

We were very surprised at the phenomenal prices as most places around here charge 3 to 4 times what they do for the same quantity (although no where near this quality of food).

The food is just as good as the service, great authentic spices and sauces that really tie all of these dishes together. I'm sitting here enjoying this massive $3 meatball as I write this.

I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone, the staff is fantastic, helpful, and all around charming, and the food... well why don't you go grab some today and see for yourself why I'm grinning just as I did every time my grandmother brought her famous meatballs to the table!

:) happy eating!
— Elliot K.
My friend is a huge fan of their cannoli, and recommended we come and try their food. My fiancé and I came five minutes after closing, and Josh said that even though they were closed they would take our order. We had the incredible cannoli and the meatball sub and holy goodness Murphy! Everything was so delicious! The service was so wonderful and the food so incredible, we can't wait to come back!
— Skye D.
Food was delicious! 10/10 would recommend their chicken panini sandwiches, as well as the veggie lasagna. And the music selection made it that much better.
— David R.
The Lasagna lunch plate is my favorite comfort food. Take home dinners are reasonably priced and generously feed a family. Friendly helpful staff.
— Bob T.
The amazing food here can only be overshadowed by the unbelievably fantastic customer service. Our family was in town for a swim meet nearby and went in for lunch. The sandwiches and pasta were out of this world. Authentic Italian. Fantastic fresh ingredients. Absolutely delicious. We called later to have them cater our team dinner. Gave them the headcount, and asked them to put something together. When word got out about our dinner, more people kept asking to join. I had to keep calling back to increase the headcount, and their staff was so gracious in making my last minute accommodations. The food was freshly made when I came for pick up. The quality, variety, and amount of food were spot on. And the price was incredibly reasonable. They will be our go-to place every time we come to Santa Rosa.
— Lisa S.
This weekend I served their creamy mushroom polenta and meatballs for Winter Wineland participants at White Oak Winery. Everyone absolutely loved it! There is no shortage of flavor and the polenta was so thick and creamy it took two spoons to serve it. I've personally been to the restaurant and appreciate the old-school feel to it. I hope we serve their delicious food again at another event in the future.
— Christina W.
This is a great local place. I got here early so I got to see everyone's food. My meatball sandwich was the best meatballs I've ever had and I've had a lot of meatballs. I noticed a lot of locals and one guy order a platter of raviolis. I wanted to follow him home. Next time I'm in town I will come back and bring friends.
— Peggy W.
Great meatball sandwich! My boyfriend tried it for the first time yesterday and it was great! I can tell they cook with alot of garlic and I LOVE garlic!! We will be going again real soon to try other food.
— Amber W.

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5.0 star rating 9/4/2015
Sooo delicious! I've gone there three times in a week and a half. The tri tip is the classic-- always hits the spot. Comes with a fantastic aioli sauce, along with onion and tomato. Today I tried the meatball sub and I think it may be the best I've ever had.
I also really like that it is family run. It feels good supporting a small local business, and feels Really good while you're eating it.
Everyone there is always super nice and very accommodating.
Every day there is a special on the sign outside, and on weekends you can see them barbequeing the meat right in the parking lot!
Keep up the good work!
— Mary P.
Canevari's catered the reception for my father-in-law's funeral in Santa Rosa. We can't tell you how the meatballs tasted because they were so popular that they were gone by the time we went over to get some. Those Marines (even the older ones) eat a lot of food. By all accounts, however, they were very tasty. The mushroom polenta was excellent and paired nicely with the meatballs. Antipasta was perfect too. Canevari's came in and did the set-up while the funeral was going on, in an adjacent room, and we did not hear a peep. Not all businesses are this respectful. Thank you, Vincenzo, for making this easy on us. We live two hours south of Santa Rosa and it was difficult to host a reception on such an emotional day. We truly appreciated your help.
— j. w.
Our family had started to get take out from Canevari's once a month. We buy frozen ravioli, frozen sauce and giant meatballs and supplement with a box of home cooked pasta. It has become my family's favorite local Italian restaurant. My house. $30.00 or less. That's a win!
I have also bought a giant pan of lasagna for a get-together and it was also awesome.
— Stacy M.
Some people just don't like real authentic Italian food. Go back to Olive Garden you idiots. Canevari's is as good as it gets. Delicious and wholesome, perfectly executed customer service, everyone is part of the family there. It's no surprise they have been around as long as they have. Don't listen to they nay-sayers. They don't know what real Italian food tastes like. I told the manager he could keep my wife if he promised to keep feeding me! ;) One of my favorite restaurants in town.
— Alex S.
It is hard to find family owned businesses like this anymore. Their food is amazing and they play the old crooners music to set the mood. Try the cole slaw and the cheese raviolis with pesto sauce.
— Sarah S.
Great little place for lunch! Great people, atmosphere, service, and food!

I had the cheese ravioli lunch special which was delicious and was under $10 with a drink.
— Cameron H.
so much to say about this business.

i was in a crunch trying to find a caterer for my wedding, and a friend of mine told me that when her caterer cancelled she used them and their food was a hit... so i went to try them and had their tri tip sandwich and my husband has the lasagna and the staff was so amazingly friendly!! we felll in love with the place.

we got our dream menu from them for our wedding and the foood FLEW! there was no left overs! and we ordered EXTRA :) it was such a hit. everyone still talks about it. we had alfredo fetuccine with chicken and broccoli, and meat lasagna, green salad, garlic bread, and regular bread... they threw in some 5 bean salad for free also :)

When i saw them at the wedding they hugged me and they made me feel so re assured, their customer service is so amazing it felt like i had friends cook our food. we still go back and are greeted so warmly and they sit with us and chit chat every time.

— Alejandra R.